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Cherokee Group
Services Offered

Cherokee offers Total Cost of Ownership Studies, Testing & Evaluation Services, Feasibility Studies, Requirement Definition Services, System Design Studies, and more. We primarily serve the government market. We do not participate in "shoot-outs." We do not perform work "on spec."

Shown below are some of the Cherokee services that enable our clients to more confidently locate, specify, acquire, implement and measure the most appropriate and cost-effective information technology solutions for their individual circumstances.

Cherokee Services Include:

Acquisition Support

Acquisition Support refers to Cherokee's inclusion in the procurement of IT solutions for government agencies. We offer a wide range of services on an on-demand basis, often serving anonymously as members of your own organization. Cherokee develops acquisition strategies to ensure "best value.” 

We assist in the development of requirements for Statements Of Work or Requests For Proposals, and identify requirements that might restrict full and open competition. We assess vendor proposals, and provide analysis as to which solutions most closely meet the client’s requirements. We develop test plans for hardware and software Evaluations, and then design and implement the evaluation process. We test products to assure functional, usability and performance requirements. We assist clients' technical staff at bidders' conferences and meetings, and provide expert assistance in protest situations. 

Analysis and Evaluation Services 
When clients are unable technically to evaluate solutions, or prefer an independent evaluation, Cherokee delivers high quality, in-depth analyses. We provide evaluations of information technologies and their impact on client business processes and systems, as well as perform independent audits of performance. During and after implementations, we evaluate solutions against contracted functional requirements. Cherokee performs "real world" testing results in support of "best value" determinations. We often serve as advisors on technical evaluation panels, and assess Client's or Vendor's internal development and testing processes. 

Solution Evaluations 
When a client needs an unbiased comparison of competitive products, Cherokee provides testing results built upon accurate and defensible methodologies. Evaluations take into consideration, and “score” a wide variety of criteria, including: Performance, Compatibility and Interoperability, Functionality, Usability, Stress, Scalability, Certifications, and reputation in the marketplace. 

Cherokee believes that the successful acquisition and implementation of IT solutions hinges on the ability of the buyer to define their requirements, and the capability of the vendors to correctly understand and respond to those requirements. Cherokee brings clarity and confidence to this process by supporting the buyer's technical staff in the determination and definition of their needs. 

We tailor our approach for providing solutions to the needs of each client. However, there are some underlying principles to our approach. An Evaluation begins by coming to a mutual understanding of the client's needs in both technical and business terms. Cherokee then designs a methodological approach to resolving technical, financial, political, and other issues. Cherokee works closely with the client to execute the methodology devised to meet the client's needs; usually in a process we call an “Evaluation.” 

The Cherokee Difference 
The successful acquisition and implementation of IT solutions of any size requires clear communication and close cooperation between buyer and vendor. Often the buyer may lack the technical expertise to understand and judge the validity of a vendor's claims. The vendor may not fully understand the client's environment. These gaps in understanding can lead to disasters. Cherokee provides our client (the buyer) with independent, objective counsel, assuring the buyer of the validity of the vendor's proposal or product. Cherokee can assist buyers at any stage of the contract process, though the earlier in the process the greater our impact. 

Contract Definition 
Often, buyers write contracts from the viewpoint of the desired result. The buyer may use terms specific to its own universe and build expectations based on the inherent knowledge of needs. The vendor, who often lacks the insider knowledge of the buyer's system, interprets the specifications differently based on a different set of expectations and assumptions. While neither party is at fault, the different interpretations will nonetheless lead to unsatisfactory results. 

An independent and neutral examination of the contracted specifications will identify "assumed" knowledge and force a more formal and thorough, consistent and mutually understood specification document. Cherokee analysts work with the client to elaborate on client-specific knowledge and expectations. Initially, this focuses on the client's long-term goals and expectations for the product. 

We work with the client to ensure that the vendor-proposed deliverables will meet the client's needs and expectations. During the consultative process, Cherokee delivers extensive commentary on all client-supplied material. We interpret methods of redefining, clarifying, or otherwise modifying contract specifications to determine the most appropriate solution to meet the client's needs. 

A vendor who has a complete understanding of the client's needs will have the greatest probability of successfully completing a contract. This can dramatically reduce the overall development cycle, decrease expenses, and allow earlier delivery of a product that more fully meets the client's needs and expectations. 

Acceptance Testing 
The client requires proof that design and functional requirements have been met before making final acceptance of a solution, whether that is a single product, or an integrated system of hardware, software, installation, configuration, training and support. The Client may lack the technical resources to conduct acceptance testing. Cherokee builds an independent test methodology based on its understanding of the requirements and solution design. We execute a series of assessments that exercise the functionality and capability of the system. We then compare the results of the test against contract specifications. Specifications include function and performance metrics. 

Cherokee's analysts deliver a detailed report delineating the compliance of the program against contract specifications for functionality and performance. The report also highlights product deficiencies and gives the client guidance in the decision to accept, reject or demand modifications to the delivered system. As an independent third party, Cherokee brings an unbiased legitimacy to the audit, reducing conflict between buyer and vendor.

FIPS 140-2
Are you considering an Evaluation that might involve Cryptographic Equipment (FIPS 140-2) issues? 
The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) has published the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publication 140-2 to cover Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules. You can learn more by clicking here.

A more comprehensive description of these services is available upon request.

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