Once a year everyone has to dress like a grown up.
It's a lonely job, but someone's gotta do it.
A quiet moment. Good thing the lab floors are FDA clean!
Project Managers and Technicians communicate daily.
Collaboration in the Bull Pen.
Regular Project Meetings synchronize all departments.
On-site testing and repair facilities.
It's either the Lab Rats, or the Wait Staff from the Olive Garden.
Cherokee Group
Cherokee Helps You Make Better IT Decisions.

The Cherokee Group provides consulting and testing services to government agencies, primarily related to Information Technology Acquisition Support. We Help You Source, Evaluate, Implement & Measure Effective and Efficient Information Technologies.

This web site is a “generic” presence on the Internet. Virtually all Cherokee projects and clients have their own (secure) web sites or portals. This web site is for general information purposes, and to enable prospective clients, partners and suppliers to contact us.

Cherokee's corporate ownership is transitioning to a fully employee-owned company. Many administrative functions will migrate from New Jersey to California during 2010.

For competitive and security reasons, Cherokee does not list our clients, projects, or staff. If you are a Client looking for status reports, there are no links on this web site to the secure project-specific web sites that contain that data.

Cherokee helps you make better decisions related to the acquisition of information technology.

Where Do You Go From Here?
If you are a Client of Cherokee, please click the "Clients" Button (above). 

If you are a Vendor invited to participate in an Evaluation, please click the "Vendors" Button. 

If you are a non-profit organization seeking free computer equipment, or an organization that can donate used equipment (that Cherokee will refurbish and distribute for free), please click the "Giving Back" Button. 

For more information about how Cherokee can help you evaluate, source, implement and measure effective, efficient and appropriate Information Technology Solutions for your organization, please contact Ian Richardson or Jay Wolfkind in our New Jersey office by email at Ian@Cherokee.to or Jay@Cherokee.to

Some portions of this web site are under construction as we implement our new server farm, and update the content of our public web sites. Thank you for your patience while we make these Internet resources as informative and intuitive as the rest of Cherokee's work product. 

By using this web site you are agreeing to abide by our "Terms of Use." We encourage you to review our "Ethics Policy".

To learn how Cherokee can help your agency make better IT decisions, please contact Ian Richardson, at:

kee Group, Inc.
133 Maple Avenue
Red Bank, NJ 07701

(732) 741-2000

Fax (732) 741-2009
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