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Cherokee Group
Cherokee Helps You Make Better IT Decisions

Welcome to a web site of The Cherokee Group. Cherokee is a private company that provides advisory and testing services to government agencies, primarily related to Information Technology Acquisition Support. A description of the services we provide government agencies is shown here.

If you are considering hiring Cherokee for the first time, please click here.

There is No "Project" Data Here
This is a public Internet web site, for general information, and to enable prospective clients, partners and Evaluation participants to contact us. This web site is not intended for use by Cherokee's Clients. 

We maintain one or more secure web sites ("Special Purpose Web Sites") for virtually every Evaluation, Project, and Client. These SPWE web sites are not available from this public web site, nor from any Internet Search Engine.

For security reasons, Cherokee does not list clients, projects, or staff. There are no links on this web site to the secure project-specific ("SPWS") web sites. You can not get Evaluation results or any other proprietary or confidential information from this web site, or from any link within this web site.

Current Clients
If Cherokee is currently conducting an "Evaluation" for your agency, obviously you are a "Current" Client. We also consider you a "Current Client" if we are about to begin an Evaluation, or if we completed one within the last thirty days.

Cherokee maintains at least one Special Purpose Web Site ("SPWS") for virtually every Evaluation or Project we're doing for your agency. The SPWS is usually maintained for a set period of time after the Final Report and Project Close Out.

If you are at this web page because you are a current Client, please go to the SPWS web site associated with the subject Project or Evaluation. The most current status and other information is available there. 

The individual at your agency designated as the "Cherokee Contract Officer", or "Cherokee Project Manager" can provide the IP address and other digital credentials necessary to access the site.

Links For Current Clients

If Cherokee is conducting an Evaluation or other Project for you now, and you need information but aren't sure whom to contact, please click here to send an email to Natasha.

If you are a Client for whom Cherokee did an Evaluation completed more than thirty days ago, and you need information or further assistance, please click here to send an email to Ian.

To see a partial list of current, non-classified Projects, please click here. There are no SPWS links here, only general information and Project-b
ased email links.

Prospective Clients - Why Use Cherokee?
We believe Cherokee is your best option when faced with complex or sensitive acquisition decisions. If you'd like to learn more about how Cherokee can help you make better acquisition decisions, please click here.

Since 1992 government agencies have trusted Cherokee to conduct independent comparisons of competitive products and services.

Over ninety percent (90%) of Cherokee's work in 2001 came from existing Clients, or from word-of-mouth referrals. Cherokee has virtually no advertising budget, because the quality of our work helps our Clients make better IT decisions, so they come back time and again. We maintain a lean, cost effective organization by focusing resources on quality people, not on trade show booths and magazine ads.

No Manufacturer Representation
Cherokee does NOT work for manufacturers of hardware or software. We do not do hardware or software certification, compatibility testing, or other testing on behalf of the manufacturers, or others seeking to SELL it, of any information technology product or service. This involves a different approach, and a different set of analytical protocols, than Cherokee's ACQUISITION-oriented evaluations. 

Cherokee represents potential buyers of products and services, so representing manufacturers or sellers would create a potential conflict of interest. We therefore walk one side of the street, only representing those seeking trusted, independent, unbiased advise regarding the acquisition of information technology.

Among the many integrated services offered by Cherokee are:

Requirement Analysis and RFP Development;
Evaluation of Competitive Products or Services;
Total Solution Evaluations;
Acquisition Support;
Contract Definition; and
Acceptance Testing.

A more complete description of the services we provide government agencies is shown here.

We also encourage you to review the Code of Ethics you can expect from Cherokee, in the form of our "No Influence Policy" and our "Ethics Policy".

For immediate and specific information about how Cherokee can help you solve your current IT dilemma, please contact Ian Richardson or Jay Wolfkind in our New Jersey office by email at Ian@Cherokee.to or Jay@Cherokee.to

By using this web site you are agreeing to abide by our "Terms of Use." 

To learn how your agency can consistently make better IT decisions, please contact:

Ian Richardson, at:

kee Group, Inc.
133 Maple Avenue
Red Bank, N.J. 07701

(732) 741-2000

Fax (732) 741-2009
Click here to send Ian Richardson an email

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