Once a year everyone has to dress like a grown up.
It's a lonely job, but someone's gotta do it.
A quiet moment. Good thing the lab floors are FDA clean!
Project Managers and Technicians communicate daily.
Collaboration in the Bull Pen.
Regular Project Meetings synchronize all departments.
On-site testing and repair facilities.
It's either the Lab Rats, or the Wait Staff from the Olive Garden.
Cherokee Group
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Who to Contact for More Information 
If Cherokee is conducting an Evaluation or other Project for you now, and you're seeking information, but you're not sure whom to speak with, please click here.

If you are a Client for whom Cherokee did an Evaluation completed more than thirty days ago, and you need information or further assistance, please click here.

If you are a Purchasing Officer or other decision-maker in your organization, and want to receive the results of a Cherokee evaluation, please contact the person in your organization who usually interfaces with Cherokee (the "Contracting Officer" or “Project Contact”). If you're not sure who that is, if you need other information, or if we can do anything else to help you find and use the results of a Cherokee evaluation, to more efficiently and effectively invest your organization's resources, please send an email to Ian Richardson, or send an email to Cherokee's Projects Director.

To see a partial list of current, non-classified Projects, please click here.

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